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1 - 5 kg
New product test size 1
Libero hand & face wipes are available in a small handy pack of 20.
They are made of natural cellulose and are so soft that they are perfect for wiping small children's sensitive faces. They contain rapeseed oil and sugar beet extract which nourishes the skin.
Retailers that sell Libero hand & face wipes: Ica, Willys, Hemköp, CityGross and Prisextra.
Libero Potty Training

Libero Potty Training Pants are diapers that feel wet when your child pees – unlike our other diapers. This helps your toddler to associate the feeling with the result without leaving wet patches on the floor and clothes. Libero Potty Training Pants are like a pair of pants only safer, since your toddler can pull them down when it's time to go to the toilet. Available in a boys' and a girls' version. Sold in individual packs.

Libero Potty Training Pants are not intended for use at night. Your toddler is asleep then, so won’t notice what's happening! At night, you can use one of our other Libero diapers or a Libero Night Comfort diaper.

Libero Swimpants

Discover Libero Swimpants – a diaper approved by the Swedish Baby Swimming Association (Svenska Babysimförbundet).

These swimming pants keep everything in, preventing little accidents. They’re soft, flexible and comfortable for playing and bathing in. They’re simple to put on and take off. And they breathe, keeping your baby's skin ventilated.

Libero Swimpants are individually packed and really look like a pair of swimming trunks. Available in two sizes: Small (7-12 kg) and Medium (10-16 kg), individually packed in a practical resealable bag.

Libero Night Comfort

Libero Night Comfort is a highly absorbent night-time diaper for older children who wet the bed. It’s as small and flexible as ordinary underpants, so remains invisible underneath pyjamas. It’s easy to put on and take off, and is used exactly like briefs or underpants. If no accident happens, the same diaper can be used for several consecutive nights. Libero Night Comfort is sold in a very discreet pack.

Libero Night Comfort is available in two sizes: Medium 20-37 kg and Large 35-60 kg.

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