Libero L (4 x 36's) Pant diapers

9 - 14 kg
Libero L (4 x 36's) Pant diapers

Airy, light and thin with naturally soft materials and skinfriendly natural ingredients*. *aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomille and olive oil. "Every parent wants to give their baby all their love. At Libero, we know that one of the most important tasks of a diapter is to safeguard your baby's healthy skin. And Libero does that in a natural, simple way. They are also constructed in a way that allows the skin to breathe by letting air through in essential parts, while maintaining high leakage security.



Libero Pant Diapers

It is particularly important to have diapers that are extremely soft right from the start. And during the first few weeks, it is also important that they are kind to the sensitive navel area.

Net-like surface
As the smallest babies are fed on breast milk or baby formula, our smaller diapers have a special net-like surface that absorbs the loose stools. This minimises the risk of leaks. It also makes life easier when it is time to change the diaper.

To begin with, babies spend their time lying down. This is why NB have special leakage protection – absorption pockets at the front and back.

Narrow gusset
We introduce our ‘waist elastic’, a soft elasticated section with a snug, flexible fit, which also prevents leaks both front and back. The gusset between the legs is also narrower, so that it does not get in the way as the child increasingly starts to move around.

Free Flex
The diapers have Free Flex stretchy sides and Velcro fasteners. With the help of these smart, stretchy elastic strips and fasteners, the shape of the diaper adapts to soft thighs and round baby stomachs. No matter whether the baby is sitting up or lying down, standing or walking, the diaper will adapt to fit. Along with the narrow gusset, this ensures that the diaper remains comfortable and leak-free.

Comfortable to wear!

Our baby diapers are with breathable materials. Air is absorbed into the diapers, and the surface, along with the core, keeps the skin completely dry, which is best for small babies’ bottoms. 

Superb passform
They also have the best fit, as they are thin and soft and there is nothing to chafe or get in the way. After all, nothing should stop a baby from discovering the world! 

Skin Friendly Natural Ingredients

For Libero, environmental care is a natural priority. We cannot make products for children without taking the environment into account.

We continuously work to minimise our environmental impact at all stages, for example through our choice of suppliers, our diaper manufacturing processes, materials, designs, fit and packaging. So whichever Libero size you choose, it's a sound environmental choice.


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