Libero NB (140 x 2's) Open diapers

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Libero NB (140 x 2's) Open diapers

Airy, light and thin with naturally soft materials and skinfriendly natural ingredients*. *aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomille and olive oil. "Every parent wants to give their baby all their love. At Libero, we know that one of the most important tasks of a diapter is to safeguard your baby's healthy skin. And Libero does that in a natural, simple way. They are also constructed in a way that allows the skin to breathe by letting air through in essential parts, while maintaining high leakage security.



Open Diapers

Libero babycare products are with skin friendly natural ingredients for baby's healthy skin

Comfortable to wear!

Our diapers are with breathable materials. They allow air to circulate, while the outer layer and core remain perfectly dry against the skin, hich is best for small babies’ bottoms. Superb fit
Moreover they also have the best fit, as they are thin and soft and there is nothing to chafe or get in the way. Nothing should stop a baby on its voyage of discovery!

Skin Friendly Natural Ingredients

Environmental care is a natural priority for Libero. We cannot make products for children without taking the environment into account.

We continuously work to minimise our environmental impact at all stages, for example through our diaper manufacturing processes, our choice of suppliers, materials, designs, fit and packaging.


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