Libero cream 100 ml

Libero cream 100 ml

A rich moisturiser that prevents the skin from drying out. Contains Scandinavian rapeseed oil with natural vitamin E, which keeps the skin soft and supple. Ideal for chapped, dry cheeks or other areas with dry skin. Suitable for all babies with dry, sensitive skin.

Retailers that sell Libero cream: Ica, Willys, Hemköp, PrisXtra, CityGross and Vi stores.

We consinuously work to minimise our environmental impact at all stages, for example through our choice of suppliers, our product manufacturing processes, ingredients, designs, fit and packaging. So whichever of our babycare products you choose, you're making an environmentally friendly choice.

All Libero babycare products are fragrance-free, Nordic Ecolabelled and contain easily biodegradable materials.

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Libero babycare products are with skin friendly natural ingredients for your baby's healthy skin

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