How do I use the timeline?

When you rollover the timeline bar with your mouse you’ll quickly see developmental milestones and stage markers. Click on the stage that best describes you.

Then you’ll see that the page customises to your selected stage. 

For instance, if you’ve clicked the Pregnant stage:
- You’ll see a calendar appear, and the coloured timeline bar just below.
- To set your exact stage, scroll the calendar left or right and click on the correct week/month.


- Rollover the coloured timeline bar just below and you’ll see weekly/monthly markers pop up.
- You can click on the correct week/month on the bar itself, or use the arrows on the right to move to the correct stage.

Once you’re happy with the stage you’ve selected, you’ll see a question appear on the right asking if this is your correct stage. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm or ‘No’ to change your stage.

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